why dell computer shut down itself and the troubleshooting steps are also there to resolve this problem.

Dell computer is most popular in providing reliable and effective service to the users. It has all the latest features for the best performance of computer. But we have got some customer’s issue that computer get shut down itself suddenly. There may be so many reasons behind it’s misbehaviour. So to troubleshoot these problems we have a support team to support you. You can simply contact to Dell Computer Support which is available for you round the clock. Here we are going to disclose some of the reasons that why dell computer shut down itself and the troubleshooting steps are also there to resolve this problem.

Reason 1. Overheating of computer:

  • Computer may get shut down due to Overheating.
  • Clean it if you found any dust or residue present in the air vents
  • Remember that you updated BIOS and if NO, then install and update BIOS with the help of Dell experts

    Reason 2. Hardware issue

  • Check is there any hardware installed in the device?
  • Did you install the hardware? Then, you need to visit device manager and install it according to your PC ability.
  • If you did not find any updates then you can remove the hardware and check it’s compatibility
  • If you did not find any installation then remove unwanted hardware like Modem, sound card or network card etc.

  • Then you need to diagnose that due to which card you are facing this issue

    Reason 3. Virus in computer

    Virus and malware are also may be the reason of Sudden shutting down the device

  • To remove this issue, you need to install antivirus in the device
  • With the help of antivirus, scan all the drives and programs of the system
  • Remove all virus and Malware from the device
  • If the problem still persists, then you may need a technical assistance for the resolution of the problem.

  • Dell experts are always there to help you with an appropriate solution. After diagnosing the root of the cause, solution will be there for you in fraction of seconds. You just need to contact our support team to solve your all problems related to dell computer. So to get hassle free services you just need to make call at Dell Computer technical support number.

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